Upcycle Atelier

Upcycle; (v.) the process of converting old, discarded, and unwanted materials into something useful and often beautiful.

At Acopio, we wholeheartedly enjoy bringing new life to characterless or drab furniture pieces. Not only does upcycling keep many things from ending up in a landfill and reduce our footprint, it allows a whole new audience to fall in love with these pieces and create their own memories and life around them!

With a bit of creativity and elbow grease, we can help you showcase each piece’s individuality while having a positive global impact by refreshing, recycling, and reusing. We have all the tools you need, whether it’s just time for a fresh coat of paint, or a total revamping. Upcycling your pieces can be a rewarding experience to show off your unique personality and voice!

Here are some examples of upcycled projects created in our atelier by our very own talented students!