Michelle Dyson Art

Multi-Media Art for the Soul

With just over 1 year in her studio on Main Street, 26 years in public schools, and a lifetime of inspiration; artist, teacher, and soul-searcher are just three of the words we can use to describe Michelle Dyson’s multifaceted approach to art. Michelle has allowed art to flow through her daily life like no other, and we at Acopio have been fortunate to receive the products of her creative work. Since Acopio opened its doors, Michelle’s paintings have been gracing our store; in fact, there are only four main walls of our store without her artwork hanging on them, and that’s only because it is clustered on other walls!

The reason why we love Michelle’s art so much (other than a fact that she’s a beautiful human)? Look no further than the vibrant expanses of color and funky textures that greet the eye as it admires her handiwork! Each Dyson work, signed with a scrawled signature in the corner, presents a feeling or an idea for the mind and heart to cherish, and no two are the same. Fairies, a lady in white, peacocks and love can all be found in one burst of soul spread out on a canvas, while others might tickle a memory of late spring in Dunbarton, daffodils in full bloom. This is the wonder of Michelle Dyson Art, however, as you know by now, Michelle herself pursues more than beautiful paintings in her relationship with art.

As a teacher Michelle has been taking all of her materials and support, and putting them behind the voice of artists who work with her, because, in her own words, Creativity is not about talent. It’s about finding your own voice through the art material that speaks to you.” With an intuition that has been building over her lifetime, Michelle is an inspiration and a guide to the creative minds of Goffstown and New Hampshire, and she has most certainly played an integral role in the creative process here at Acopio.

Over the course of Acopio’s growth with Michelle at our side we have come to know and love her art, and continue to be amazed by her relationship with (and support for) the world, both in our New Hampshire communities as well as those people and places beyond them. We feel an immense amount of joy as we thank Michelle for all her artwork has given to us and express our excitement for all that is to come in our relationship!

Michelle Dyson and some of her lovely artwork!