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In Health with Nicole Detellis

In all of life’s daily hubbub, it’s not uncommon for us to lose connection with our bodies, to not be able to feel in ourselves what we really need; here at Acopio, we welcome any opportunity to tune out the noise in order to better hear what our bodies are telling us, which can be harder than it seems. Luckily, we are also in the presence of individuals for whom this mind-body connection shines throughout their life, and who would like the same for everyone around them. Nicole Detellis, founder of Fuse Yoga and Fitness, is one such individual and we have welcomed her into our space with great anticipation of what she will bring to the lifestyles of the Goffstown community.

Nicole is fully committed to her role as a practitioner and promoter of mind and body health through widely accepted techniques. As part of her work she has undertaken a study of Fascial Fitness, making her one of the few Certified Master Fascial Fitness Trainers in the US. Nicole has studied with the leaders in fascial research and is currently on target to receive her certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy and the Rossiter System, a series of techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source.  

In addition to her studies and work through Fuse, Nicole uses her knowledge and expertise to create an integrative Pain Management program for individuals struggling with chronic pain as part of her new endeavor MovUnlimited®. In her work she incorporates practices such as massage, lifestyle training, reiki and breathing, kinesiology taping, and corrective exercise strategies, which together comprise a holistic plan for managing pain, tailored to each client’s lifestyle.

Every one of Nicole’s offerings seeks to improve the connection between mind and body, and ensure a more comfortable and mobile lifestyle for her clients. For each of these approaches to health, Nicole works on an individual level to ensure a personalized and effective session. Some of the areas she specializes in are: one-on-one Thai Yoga, Fascial Training, Yoga Training, and Kinesiology Taping, as well as workshops in Pain Management, Myofascial Release, Essential Oils, and Meditation. Each and every one of these practices has its own benefit that Nicole has recognized and works to share with those who seek her out.

Whether you are searching for pain relief, rehabilitation, or realignment, Nicole’s studio at Acopio is now open, offering appointments to foster your personal mind-body connection and help you to live in health.

To connect with Nicole, you can reach out to her via Fuse’s website or on social media.

Beautiful pictures of Nicole captured by her daughter Lauren of Lauren Nicole Photography!